Official opening of the temporary information centre

Opening of information centre
The Afsluitdijk is known for its many stories. Stories of a rich past, of international renown in the present and of renewal for the future. We would like to take this opportunity to open our temporary information centre with you. In the information centre, we will show how we are strengthening and renewing the international icon De Afsluitdijk in the years ahead.

Innovative energy dam
One of the ambitions of the New Afsluitdijk is to realise an innovative energy dam. The various sustainable energy projects that are part of this are briefly discussed. Special attention is paid to the energy project Blue Energy, whereby the start of the research into environmental effects is explained. This study examines the ecology and technology of this new form of sustainable energy.
In het bijzonder is er aandacht voor het energieproject Blue Energy, waarbij de start van het onderzoek omgevingseffecten wordt toegelicht. In dit onderzoek komen ecologie en techniek van deze nieuwe duurzame energievorm aan de orde.