W&F Technologies has acquired Pure Water Group

W&F Technologies has taken over Pure Water Group. The acquisition should lead to 'a powerful synergy' between W&F Technologies, Pure Water Group and REDstack which also operates under the flag of W&F. There is also a strategic cooperation in the making with Aqua Battery, developer of BlueBattery, says director Pieter Hack.

Joining forces offers many advantages, says Hack. "The key is to create a synergy between three companies that will lead to successful implementation of innovative and sustainable technologies."

Pure Water Group, headquartered in the Netherlands with branches in Spain and the United Kingdom, is a producer of advanced and sustainable water treatment equipment. The core activity is the production of installations for the production of Ultra Pure and High Purity Water for industry, healthcare and pharmaceutical applications, mostly based on Electro Dialysis (EDI) and membrane degassing (MD).

The production and delivery of these installations will continue, says Hack. In addition, the company will implement W&F Technologies' and REDstack's sister company's technology in new markets through process engineering. For example, REDstack's ElektroDialysis technology for desalination of brackish water streams can be implemented in industrial plants. The same applies to the new technology (NEWBIES) developed by W&F Technologies in collaboration with Wetsus for removing ammonia (NH3) from wastewater and residual streams.

By introducing the new technologies Pure Water Group can strengthen its position in the market of industrial and waste water streams, according to Hack.

REDstack will continue to develop and scale up its Blue Energy Technology for generating sustainable, continuously available electricity from the contact between fresh and salt water. Last year, preparations for the construction of a Blue Energy power plant in Katwijk were put on hold due to failure to secure financing, but REDstack is now focusing on scaling up the technology to a demonstration plant on the Afsluitdijk of the same size as in Katwijk.

The company is also aiming at future installations in IJmuiden (near the North Sea locks), in Rotterdam (Rhine/Meuse delta) and in Zeeland (near the Krammer locks), says Hack.