Afbeelding H2 - 3(1)

Blue Energy for H2

You all know that Blue Energy is the new carbon-free way to generate energy from salt and fresh water. It generates energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, improving the stability of the grid on a large and small scale, both at baseload and at peakshaving. You probably didn't know that hydrogen can be generated with a slightly modified plant: Blue Energy for H2!

For the Netherlands, the 1750 MW of Blue Energy, which can be harvested from the Rhine emptying into the North Sea, can easily be transferred to the production of 1.6 billion Nm3 of H2 gas. Worldwide, enormous opportunities arise for the production of this energy carrier. This revolutionary method produces green H2 directly, without any CO2 production and with a very low impact on the environment. Hydrogen is produced in a single step, in the compact REDstacks, without first generating electricity; thus with high efficiency!

REDstack BV offers Green Hydrogen in one step with Blue Energy: the future in sustainability!