Nature Museum | Wetter | BLUE ENERGY

Took place from Saturday 15 October 2016 to Sunday 30 October 2016

Clean, sufficient and safe water is of great importance. Not only for nature, but also for agriculture, tourism and recreation. It takes a lot of effort to ensure that everyone can enjoy clean water, but also keep their feet dry on the land. Not everyone realises that you can influence this yourself.

Three islands were created in the Rabobank Atrium, connected by bridges. With an activity card in their hands, children could hop from island to island. On each island, there was plenty to do. There was a bicycle game, for example, where they re-enacted the struggle between man and nature by pedalling hard. They collected waste from the water and experienced a storm at sea with virtual reality goggles on. They walked on a turd trail and learned how Blue Energy works. 

The autumn holiday was the last chance to see the current Friesland under Water. On the afternoon of 30 October, the door was officially closed due to a large-scale renovation and renewal of this ever-popular presentation. Visitors will have to 'hold their breath' for a while before the new underwater world can be seen. The opening is planned for spring 2018.