REDstack produces the most efficient ElectroMembrane stacks in the world, that can be applied  for recovery of water, energy, nitrogen, glycol, amines, CO2, Lithium, etc.

Originally the stacks where developed to be used for green osmotic energy production by Reverse Electro Dialyses (RED); A demonstration energy-plant is realised in The Netherlands at Afsluitdijk.

The very efficient stack design that was developed for RED technology is very useful for other applications. When these stacks are powered they can be used for separation of ions in liquids or acid / caustic production in Bipolar Membranes. This results in the following product range:

Desalt-ED stack

Most energy efficient cross-flow ED-stack for desalination of water.

EDBM stack

Ideal cross-flow ED stack, with integrated Bipolar Membranes.


Ideal three-compartment stack with integrated Bipolair Membranes.


Ideal cross-over stack for green osmotic energy production mixing salt water and fresh-water.

Basic engineering package
REDstack supports customers, by providing know-how and basic engineering packages for implementation of our stacks into full scale treatment processes.

REDstack is flexible in application of membranes, please contact us for your specific requirements.