Next step for promising Blue Energy project

Blue Energy is ready for it: a bigger power plant and to scale up further. Since 2014, the pilot plant at Breezanddijk has been generating "blue" electricity by mixing fresh and salt water. A unique technique with great potential. The project is receiving a €1.3 million grant from regional program The New Afsluitdijk (DNA) to develop further.

Mixing sweet and salt

In 2014, initiator REDstack built a pilot plant at Breezanddijk. Here, from then on, tests were conducted on generating power by mixing fresh and salt water, a new way to generate energy. Several parties supported the project from the beginning. Deltares and NIOZ also participated. Since then, the pilot has produced a wealth of information, the technology has been greatly improved and is ready for the next phase.

Plans become reality

The initiators of this project have plans to scale up the existing power plant and conduct further research into new techniques. This will also make a positive contribution to the ecology of the Wadden area. Thanks to the grant from DNA and subsidies from Province of Fryslân, Investment Framework Wadden Region (IKW), Wadden Fund and Municipality of Súdwest-Fryslân, those plans are now becoming reality. The larger power plant will produce 132,000 kWh per year. With average electricity consumption, this will allow more than 40 homes to be supplied with Blue Energy each year. Major steps for this modularly expandable, CO2-free, clean and continuous energy generation technology will follow.

Future plans

In addition to the larger plant, the promoters are also working on a business case for a commercial 100 MW plant that would eventually make it possible to provide renewable power to 150,000 homes in Fryslân and North Holland.

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