Desalt-ED stack

The Desalt-ED cross flow stack is a straight forward EDR module, for desalination of water. The stack has a capacity of up to 36 m3/h waterflow and 50kg TDS per hour. Typical salt removal efficiency is 50 to even 80%.

The stack design prevents ionic shortcut currents, and has a low spacer thickness, which results in low energy consumption.

DesaltED stacks are typically used for water with salt concentrations up to 15g/l TDS. The DesaltED stacks are tolerant to silicate.

Typical set up for 24 m3/h two stage EDR treatment

Salt removal from treated effluent of a papermill, for water recycling.

At Industriewater Eerbeek in NL, the waste water of 3 large recycle papermills is treated, using anaerobic reactors producing biogas, followed by a conventional activated sludge system.

At this moment large quantities of groundwater are used by the papermills as intake water, which after it is treated by Industriewater Eerbeek is discharged in the river Ijssel.  The intake of groundwater will be restricted and therefore the effluent of the WWTP will be reused by the paper mills.

The reuse of this water in the papermill requires desalination to remove ions. A combination of Nano Filtration and DesaltED stacks from REDstack was evaluated in a semi-technical scale installation.

Salt removal from Cooling Water Blowdown

In open cooling towers water evaporates and salts build up in the cooling tower water. For continuous removal of these salts EDR is a preferred technology, as it takes out the salts, but does not remove anti-foam of anti-bacterial chemistry. The cooling water can continuously be reused without affecting the water quality required for cooling.