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Video Afsluitdijk

Here is the link to the new video about the Afsluitdijk. REDstack will be part of this video series as the innovator. It is paid for and sponsored by Van Oord. It will be launched at EXPO2020 in the 3rd week of March 2022 in Dubai.

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The Dyke has shown us that the Afsluitdijk is more than a connecting road and a protective barrier; it is a testing ground for innovations in the fields of energy and ecology.

In the fourth episode of the Dyke, a meeting with 'the Innovators'. The world's first blue power plant is on the Afsluitdijk. How do you turn dreams into action? And what do the innovators need to take the Netherlands and the world forward? Pieter Hack, owner of REDstack, takes you inside his Blue Energy power plant and shows how blue energy has the greatest potential as an alternative sustainable energy source.

'the Innovator' is the fourth of a total of six episodes about the social impact of the Afsluitdijk. The dike has been protecting and connecting the Netherlands for ninety years and is currently being renovated. What does this dyke actually mean for the Netherlands? And for the Dutch, we wondered. Who exactly does it protect? And is that its only task?

The results of this investigative storytelling project can be followed in the coming months at

Meet the people of the Dyke and watch the fourth episode now. The Netherlands is on the eve of a major rebuilding that affects us all.