Pilot plant at the Afsluitdijk

In Breezanddijk on the Afsluitdijk, REDstack is currently testing all process variables and components for a RED power plant. The location places heavy demands on the design:

The Wadden Sea is an important nature reserve. There are therefore extremely strict environmental requirements. Normal operations (including periodic cleaning) are therefore governed by a strict protocol. The water from the Wadden Sea is very rich in biological terms. In addition, it contains a lot of suspended silt particles. Therefore, the water has to be purified before it can be led through the stacks. At REDstack, this is done with large drum screens, as well as with fast sand filtration. The filtration process must be in close harmony with the requirements of the stack. REDstack has a lot of expertise in this field.

However, what was initially described as 'difficult' also has many plus points. REDstack develops a robust and clean installation. The objective is that the product (the installation) can also be used elsewhere in the world without too many major modifications.

The pilot installation on the Afsluitdijk consists of the following components:

  • The supply of salt and fresh water and the discharge of brackish water, the inlet pumps and filters, the pipes and the pipe bridge.
  • Both the fresh and the salt water are filtered in a drum screen or quick sand filters. Mesh size and rinsing regime are precisely tailored to the requirements of the stacks
  • The stacks. These are designed and patented by REDstack. They work on the basis of flow principles, allowing for optimum use of the membranes
  • The converters. These convert the direct current from the stacks into alternating current and feed it back into the electricity grid. This is the final product of the REDstack pilot project
  • The control unit. The measuring and control system was specially designed for REDstack and is therefore unique in the world.